WOW. Its been a while since I did any interior post. I've been spending so much time on the internet, online shopping to be exact. Filling up baskets with things I know very well I cannot afford, from clothes, shoes to furniture. When I stopped dreaming I decided to go on Pinterest and find decor... Continue Reading →


I'm not gonna lie, I've become an interior design junkie. One of my favorite things about Pinterest is discovering new interior design pins. You'll find me going "Ooh.  that's beautiful" or "Who would've thought that would look amazing?" I get so excited to find new pin worthy pins that leave me blown away and more inspired.... Continue Reading →

Cleansing our faces is the normal thing to do, we spend so much time and money making sure we stay radiant and preserve our beautiful skin for as long as we can, which is good, but do we take time to take care of other body parts, like our feet? Yesterday, after writing the earthing post I... Continue Reading →

In the past weeks I've made a habit to walk barefoot. I mean the floors are clean and I just don't feel like wearing shoes all the time.  My sister goes on every time she sees me without shoes, I just want my feet to feel free touching the ground without the constriction of shoes.... Continue Reading →

I hope you are having an amazing Saturday. After rocking the plum nails for a while back I had to let my nail get their strength back. Now that I'm on my way there I've been gathering inspo images and Should tell you I'm feeling inspired. I'm thinking of going for a nude design next time. Here... Continue Reading →

​ "How old are you auntie?" on so many occasions my older niece has asked me this question. I would always laugh it off and ask " how old do you think I am?"  she would always say " you're 30 I think". Well I'm 22 and  It doesn't bother me that she thinks I'm 30 because she's young... Continue Reading →

​ Here's the thing about happiness: the only person who can help you be genuinely happy is yourself. It's nice to have friends, family or your better half to keep you smiling, but sometimes its all on you. If you depend on people to always make you happy it won't work as they won't always... Continue Reading →

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