Home Decor “Titbits”.

It's been a while since I wrote up on my interior design obsession. I've been keeping myself busy finding inspiration on Pinterest and all over the net, anything to inspire and give me a vivid image of my future home. In this post I'm going to rave on about Uncommongoods, a site that is committed... Continue Reading →


I'm not gonna lie, I've become an interior design junkie. One of my favorite things about Pinterest is discovering new interior design pins. You'll find me going "Ooh.  that's beautiful" or "Who would've thought that would look amazing?" I get so excited to find new pin worthy pins that leave me blown away and more inspired.... Continue Reading →

Cleansing our faces is the normal thing to do, we spend so much time and money making sure we stay radiant and preserve our beautiful skin for as long as we can, which is good, but do we take time to take care of other body parts, like our feet? Yesterday, after writing the earthing post I... Continue Reading →

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