You’re Doing The Best.

Here's a random picture of me in boots. Hello lovelies, I hope you had a lovely weekend. I on the other hand didn't. The weekend came and left without me doing anything worth mentioning. I did get to exercise and give my hair some much needed treatment though. When I started writing this post my... Continue Reading →


Coffee Talk: Why Change is Good.

Hello lovelies, November came and left and not once did I pay attention to my blog. I have been extremely busy and I apologise (I seem to be doing a lot of that recently). It's the first of December and I have mixed feeling about it. December is my birthday month and I'm not excited... Continue Reading →

How to De-stress.

My sweet loves.. I hope you're doing well, it's been a while since I last sat and laid down a few lines. I have missed it so much. Time hasn't been on my side. I've been working immensely, trying to juggle everything from studying, exercising, eating well and making sure I get enough sleep. Before... Continue Reading →


Stop Feeling Overwhelmed!

If you asked me how I manage my life, I wouldn't have an answer for you, because truthfully I don't. I'm the type of person who has a ton to do and all I'll do is get in my room, lock the door, listen to music or lie in bed thinking of all the things... Continue Reading →


Why Silence Really is Golden.

Twenty minutes. That's how long I need to clear my mind. A little moment just for me, to take a breath and think of nothing else but me. Lately, I've become so busy. I have assignments left and right, tests and a thesis that needs to be completed. I've started using my time on weekends... Continue Reading →


Home Decor “Titbits”.

It's been a while since I wrote up on my interior design obsession. I've been keeping myself busy finding inspiration on Pinterest and all over the net, anything to inspire and give me a vivid image of my future home. In this post I'm going to rave on about Uncommongoods, a site that is committed... Continue Reading →


Blogs Most Viewed Posts.

I've hit writers block. I've run out of blog post ideas, but one thing I'm grateful for is the views my blog still receives even when there are no new blog posts. Today, I bring you my most viewed post on the blog, the ones that just almost never go a day without being viewed.... Continue Reading →


Extroverted-Introvert Me.

Throughout my life people have judged me by my facial expression before even getting the chance to talk to me and really knowing me. "You always look angry and annoyed." "Are you depressed? " "You are awfully quiet." just a few questions people bombard me with, and the worst of all that leaves me puzzled... Continue Reading →


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