The only 3 products I need.

​ If you read my previous beauty posts you'll know that when I apply makeup I love it to be minimal. Still fighting acne and these 3 products help keep my skin looking flawless.  Avon NutriEffects Miracle Glow ​ Naturally I have oily skin but recently it seemed like somewhere somehow I neglected my face.... Continue Reading →


​ Hello Lovelies, So I might have exaggerated a bit with my title but that's not far from the truth, at the moment I don't think I can survive without these two products.Late last year I battled with acne, really really bad acne. I tried allergy cremes,face wash and nothing seemed to work. I hated... Continue Reading →

​ If you've read my blogging challenge, day 22 in particular, you'll know that I've got a habit of sleeping with makeup- which I'm trying stop. I've had this makeup remover lotion for quite a while now and I got no idea why I didn't talk about before. This lotion is so awesome guys, you... Continue Reading →

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