Extroverted-Introvert Me.

Throughout my life people have judged me by my facial expression before even getting the chance to talk to me and really knowing me. “You always look angry and annoyed.” “Are you depressed? ” “You are awfully quiet.” just a few questions people bombard me with, and the worst of all that leaves me puzzled…… Continue reading Extroverted-Introvert Me.

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A Blessing In disguise.

Curled up in my favourite blanket I took my phone, went on the Web and typed in “why am I still single?” Search results brought up a few quizzes and posts on why most people (me) are single. I couldn’t believe this was what I resolved to now. The fact that I was letting the…… Continue reading A Blessing In disguise.


Free Photography Apps I Love.

When I first started my blog, I didn’t care about how my photos looked, as long as they looked clear nothing else mattered. As time went on I realised my pictures are really of poor quality, considering I take them with my Blackberry Z10. For a while I’ve been working on improving my blog photography…… Continue reading Free Photography Apps I Love.