Feminine Hygiene.

Today’s post is all personal I’m talking about somethings to do to keep your vagina clean and fresh. Most of these you might already know.

We already know the vagina is a self cleaning machine. And as I’ve learnt the best way to keep down there clean is by using water to remove any debris. Always try your best to avoid using scented products, they might cause a reaction or cause your hoo haa to smell “weird”.

Here are 4 basic ways to ensure vagina hygiene:

  1. Hair

Always make sure your vagina is shaved clean. Too much hair may result in trapped sweat and that will bring on an odour. Always try to have it clean shaved or trimmed.

      2. Feminine wipes.

Wipe it clean. Never use the bathroom and not wipe the outer surface of your vagina. Make sure to always have feminine unscented wipes.

        3. Feminine Wash.

Utilise a feminine wash and always dry the area. Avoid using foam bath and other soaps. Washing ensures a fresh scent.

          4. Water

The most important of all! Drinking lots of water helps flush out toxins that may cause a foul smell.

In addition to the above, always have panty liners and change them on a regular. When on your periods keep fresh by changing your pad as much as you can and try to keep ‘down there’ dry.

When getting feminine products always get unscented ones, you don’t want to get a reaction and be scratching in public!!


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