Benefits of Walking Barefoot.

wp-image-393968666jpg.jpegIn the past weeks I’ve made a habit to walk barefoot. I mean the floors are clean and I just don’t feel like wearing shoes all the time.  My sister goes on every time she sees me without shoes, I just want my feet to feel free touching the ground without the constriction of shoes.

There’s something I love about not wearing shoes sometimes, especially at a rocky or hard surface. When I step on rocks my body just relaxes, it feels amazing, its as if I’m getting a massage. I’m not trying to condone my not wearing shoes, its too magical to explain. Its such a great feeling and I think you guys should try it sometimes to get what I’m trying to say.

I did a little bit of research and found that there are a lot of other benefits of walking barefoot:

  • Stimulate blood circulation, which also allows for better oxygenation.
  • Allows your body to easily eliminate a good amount of fats and toxins.
  • Eliminates stress, depression, and neurosis, which strengthens the nervous system.
  • It helps improve your sleep.
  • It can lessen the severity of menstrual cramps.

Next time you go barefoot, don’t feel bad, you’re doing it for your health!!


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