How old are you?

“How old are you auntie?” on so many occasions my older niece has asked me this question. I would always laugh it off and ask ” how old do you think I am?”  she would always say ” you’re 30 I think”. Well I’m 22 and  It doesn’t bother me that she thinks I’m 30 because she’s young and age to her is really just a number right now. But, she’s got me thinking, I am getting older!

When I say I’m getting older I don’t mean glancing at myself in the mirror and noticing the eye bags and wrinkles and that I look older than I feel. The problem I have  with aging is: I feel at 22 I haven’t accomplished my goals, my life is not where I want it to be and if you asked me 3 years back I would have a different story for you.

I’m gonna say it: I want time to come to a standstill, just until I achieve my goals or at least until I feel like an average 22 year old. I would love if certain people would stop calling me ma’am, seriously not that old!!

What I love about aging though is: Even with under eye bags I sometimes get mistaken for an 18 year old (not really), I feel great in my body, I love that I take life seriously (even with a few setbacks), I’m better at prioritising and “I’m learning” about love, control and life itself. Its amazing.

Life is a roller-coaster. Sometimes you are lost, stuck or heartbroken, but things change and its those things that make life interesting and make us who we are. I’ve been an innocent little girl; a tantrum throwing teenager; a never been in relationship person; a crazy sarcastic friend; an anxious miserable twenty-something writing this post. Whatever lies ahead, I’m ready!

How old are you? Do you feel your age? 

As I end this post I’m still not looking forward to my 23rd.


2 thoughts on “How old are you?

  1. I’m nineteen years old, and sometimes I feel like a complete failure because I’m a struggling writer. And it feels like I’m going no where fast, but in my words or my story I find myself. I find out who I am, and I want to cherish her because she isn’t like the rest. No, she’s different, and I love her for that so even at nineteen I have hope that one day I’m going to make my God and my grandmother proud of who I am. This is a lovely post! Sometimes I often dread the age cycle, and I feel like it’s against me.

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