How old are you?

“How old are you auntie?” on so many occasions my older niece has asked me this question. I would always laugh it off and ask ” how old do you think I am?”  she would always say ” you’re 30 I think”. Well I’m 22 and  It doesn’t bother me that she thinks I’m 30 because she’s young and age to her is really just a number right now. But, she’s got me thinking, I am getting older!

When I say I’m getting older I don’t mean glancing at myself in the mirror and noticing the eye bags and wrinkles and that I look older than I feel. The problem I have  with aging is: I feel at 22 I haven’t accomplished my goals, my life is not where I want it to be and if you asked me 3 years back I would have a different story for you.

I’m gonna say it: I want time to come to a standstill, just until I achieve my goals or at least until I feel like an average 22 year old. I would love if certain people would stop calling me ma’am, seriously not that old!!

What I love about aging though is: Even with under eye bags I sometimes get mistaken for an 18 year old (not really), I feel great in my body, I love that I take life seriously (even with a few setbacks), I’m better at prioritising and “I’m learning” about love, control and life itself. Its amazing.

Life is a roller-coaster. Sometimes you are lost, stuck or heartbroken, but things change and its those things that make life interesting and make us who we are. I’ve been an innocent little girl; a tantrum throwing teenager; a never been in relationship person; a crazy sarcastic friend; an anxious miserable twenty-something writing this post. Whatever lies ahead, I’m ready!

How old are you? Do you feel your age? 

As I end this post I’m still not looking forward to my 23rd.


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  1. I’m nineteen years old, and sometimes I feel like a complete failure because I’m a struggling writer. And it feels like I’m going no where fast, but in my words or my story I find myself. I find out who I am, and I want to cherish her because she isn’t like the rest. No, she’s different, and I love her for that so even at nineteen I have hope that one day I’m going to make my God and my grandmother proud of who I am. This is a lovely post! Sometimes I often dread the age cycle, and I feel like it’s against me.

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  2. Some days I really do feel my age.. and other days I totally don’t! Sometimes I wish that I had got into my chosen profession at an earlier age. Fact of the matter is – I really had no idea what I wanted to do. So I got some life experience and finally went back to school when I was 26. Better late than never!! I’m now thirty (yikes!!) but extremely happy with where I am in life and in my career… plus I still get carded all the time!!
    It’s really awesome that you can feel yourself growing and setting AND achieving goals. Good for you for being confident with yourself.. that is so so SO important!! You go lady!!

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    1. Glad that you’ve found your profession. It’s amazing how you had the courage to go back to school, most of us give up and go with whatever works.
      Thank you so much for reading. Xx


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