Sporty Chic: 3 Outfit Ideas.

When Kate from Adore me contacted me to tell me she loved my wide leg pant post I was ecstatic. She went on to ask how I stay looking sporty chic. This got me excited and gave me a chance to finally wear that Pinterest inspired sporty outfit.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you guys three sporty chic outfits. 

The first of outfit is an Pinterest inspired look. This one is for the girly-girls who love to look chic yet comfy, suitable for a girls lunch and it consists of a black and white pleated skirt and a simple t-shirt. The second outfit is for lazy Saturdays, and it’s simple really I call this the go-to-outfit for when you wanna run to the mall but don’t have much time to dress up or when you wanna grab a bite with a friend. It’s comfortable and at the same cute. The last outfit is my absolute favourite it consists of a body hugging long sleeve dress and the trainers featured in every outfit above. I love this outfit as it’s elegant, comfortable and chic.
 1. Pinterest Inspired.

2. No time- got to run (pardon the name)

3. Casual Chic


Which outfit is your favourite, And how do you stay looking sporty chic?

Kisses, Maria


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    1. Thank you lovely. I really couldn’t tell you I bought it a while back and I really don’t remember where I bought it.


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