The only 3 products I need.

If you read my previous beauty posts you’ll know that when I apply makeup I love it to be minimal. Still fighting acne and these 3 products help keep my skin looking flawless. 

Avon NutriEffects Miracle Glow

Naturally I have oily skin but recently it seemed like somewhere somehow I neglected my face. It’s been dry, flaky and dry, yes I said dry again. My sister suggested I try the Avon NutraEffects Miracle glow and I must say it really is a miracle. I love the dropper and the fact that the oil absorbs quickly and it’s non-greasy just as they promised.  With just a few drops on the forehead, chin and cheeks the oil leaves my skin feeling smoother, softer and glowing.  

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Famous among vloggers, bloggers and it girls this foundation is really the one to have. I use it on its own and it leaves the skin feeling flawless.

Avon MegaEffects Mascara

This amazing mascara does its magic in matter of seconds, seriously it really does have mega effects. It gives my eyelashes the volume they need especially when I do a Smoky eye. 

What products do you always use?

Kisses, Maria


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