A letter to My Future Self.

Dear Future Self,

Whatever you are doing now stop and look around you. Do you see nature? Any flowers in sight? Pick one and inhale it’s beautiful fragrance. Smile, because you deserve to. Call your parents and have an hour long conversation.

How many books so far? Did you ever visit those beautiful Islands? If not, what are you waiting for? Pack up, go on your adventure, and pamper yourself while there. Dance to the music, feel it and live it.

I see you’re still contemplating whether to have children. You know what, go ahead and have a one or two assuming you’re with the right person. Stop over thinking it.

Despite all the constant frustrations you’ve managed to keep it together, your wardrobe is amazing and never stop loving that puppy.

One more thing: This current version is proud of who you’ve become. All the failures and heartwarming moments were all worth it. Don’t change a thing and always keep loving yourself no matter what.

I love you.


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