Let’s talk Stretch Marks.

I came across a post on Facebook where a man posted that his girlfriend used to have a great body until she gave birth to their child, now her body is ruined and she has stretch marks all over. He went on to ask if he should leave her and find another girlfriend.  
This made me so mad and the comments made it worse ” leave her, stretch marks are not good”, “Don’t stay with somebody with an unattractive body”. Seriously?! Yes, stretch marks are not good, but she didn’t ask for them. And it’s sad that he wasn’t even embarassed to say he found her with a great body. If she didn’t have his baby, her body would have been the way he found her. And to think he should leave her to find another woman. What happens when he gets her pregnant too? Is he going to keep leaving every woman he dates?

What this man should’ve done is support his lady. Appreciate her for carrying their child into the world or at least encouraged her to get Bio-oil, for example, instead of breaking her confidence and threatening to leave her. It’s not body shaming if you’re trying to help in the best way. Many should stop taking women for toys.

What do you guys think about this?

Kisses, Maria


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