How do You do it?

Hello Lovelies,

Lately I’ve become so lazy.I prefer to stay in bed the whole day and only get up when I have class, I even do assignments in bed. Because of this my body has lost its mojo, I’m always tired, I feel like my body is on fire and my feet are killing me, I can’t take any step without moaning.

If you read my post on lack of sleep you’d know that I was trying to get my body in shape and try to be more active. Thing is I’m just not motivated anymore. I don’t even go for boxing training anymore nor did I finish my challenge, and definitely not doing anything about the lack of sleep.

What I’m really trying to say or ask you guys is how do you stay motivated? What exercises do you do? And may somebody please tell me what I can do about my sore feet. Just how do you guys stay on top of your game?

Looking forward to your responses.

Kisses, Maria


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