Loving Myself & Not Sorry.

Hello Lovelies,

Yes, you read the title right. I love myself and I’m not sorry about it. Personally I think I’m pretty awesome. That doesn’t make me ‘vain’ or ‘full of myself’.

For a very long time I’ve always felt a sense of negativity about myself.I have battled with low self-esteem and still do sometimes, but I’m a work in progress and I should say I’m proud of who I have become. 

I love myself, my body, my face and lips. I’ve spent too many years wishing I had thinner lips, or wished I had a prettier face, but you know what I’ll keep loving myself as I am and if that makes me vain than I will be and I’ll own up to it.

So love yourself and don’t apologise for it, most times you’re all you got and you gotta keep that face up.

Kisses, Maria


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