Travel Wishlist #2

My second post in my wishlist series is all about the cities I’m longing to visit. These are not the only cities I’d love to visit but they top the list.
New York

Up first is the most populous city in the US, I first fell in love with this city the moment I started watching Gossip Girl. I’ve imagined myself living there, Manhattan to be precise *coughs*, a girl can dream. My first visit will be to Madison avenue to do some window shopping and maybe get something worth the price. I will definitely visit Central Park, Times Square, check out the Empire State Building and enjoy the skyline from Brooklyn Promenade (I hear it’s one of the best spots) and last but not least, to make myself feel like a New Yorker, will make a trip to Grand Cental and just feel the whole hype that I’ve seen in movies. 



​I would love to visit this city for its beautiful hotels and amazing mall and of course the view. The pictures always mesmerize me and to put it out there I envy (in a good way) everyone who lives in this amazing city.


Last but not least, the city of love. Ce qui est ne pas aimer sur Paris? See what I did there?

Which are your favourite cities?

Kisses, Maria



9 thoughts on “Travel Wishlist #2

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  1. I relate to this post SO much – I am so desperate to go to New York, and think I’d be the happiest person alive walking round and recognising the different areas from Gossip Girl. Around Christmas time especially would be so magical! Great post 🙂

    Georgia //

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  2. As soon as I saw the picture of New York I clicked straight on this post! I want to go to New York for my 30th birthday and I am going to save over the next few years to do it in style!! 😀 I have visited Paris 3 times now and every time I leave I feel like I am leaving a piece of myself behind, it is truly a beautiful city that has a presence in my heart always!! Definitely a must visit! Claire xx

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