What lack of sleep has taught me.

Hey Lovelies,

Ever since I could remember I never liked being woken up before I’m  ready to get up and if you did wake me we would end up having a fight (I just hate it).

 I’m night owl, while people choose to get 8 hours of sleep that’s needed, I choose to stay up and binge watch a new series or be on social media and keep up with the world. Lately I have realised that this is one of the worst habits I’ve adapted.I have realised that this has made me a mean person and I’m definitely aging faster than I’m suppose to *cough*, to help myself be better I have decided to take up boxing to help me get rid of all the unwanted emotions, and keep me fit in the process, and I should tell you its working. In addition I’ve also started doing a 30day workout challenge I found on pinterest.

I hope to improve my health and be a better person in the process, because cranky doesn’t suit me.

Do you get the required 8 hours of sleep?

Kisses, Maria


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