Day 28- Most embarrassing moment.

I think I attract awkward every single day. There’s no day that goes by without me embarrassing myself. Whether is hiding from someone I didn’t want to see and getting caught, sending the wrong text to the wrong person and having to end up explaining the unexplainable or having to pull my dress down on a windy day.Even through all this, nothing tops the day I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. Before you continue just know what I’m about to tell you guys is one of the unintelligent things I’ve ever done.

This particular day my older brother asked me to get a package from his friend who I was to meet at his office, I had so much to do that I was late for the pickup. The friend kept calling asking where I was and I kept giving excuses so he could give me some more time. Five minutes before I got there he calls saying he had to leave and it was urgent, he said I should talk to his secretary, go straight to the second floor, office number something. I think me being late and causing somebody else to be late made me nervous, I got to the security, greets her, so far so good, and  as I walk towards the elevator I turn back ( I shouldn’t have)  and then it happened, the question I never hope to repeat again, I asked “WHAT’S THE FASTEST WAY TO GET THERE, ELEVATOR OR STAIRS?!?!   The moment I said it I couldn’t believe myself, who EVER asks that?! Seriously!! Poor lady looked at me in disbelief and said “Both are fast, you’ll get there”, at that moment I felt my lungs collapsing and could actually feel the pity in her voice.

That was my embarrassing moment, I dread that moment and its hard to forget it as I pass by the building every time I go to town.

What’s your embarrassing moment?

Kisses, Maria



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