Day 22- Your Worst Habits.

These are my worst habits that I’ve had since I could remember, and some were recently adapted though I try to get rid of them, they always seem to win.

  1. Not holding eye contact: I never seem to fight this one, I try but after a few seconds I look away, I am getting better though.
  2. Sleeping with makeup: Got horrible acne because of this, but I just never learn, to this day I still sleep with makeup(sometimes). 
  3. Forgetting names of people I meet: If you tell me your name after we meet, chances are I’ll forget it within the next 20 minutes of our conversation, what I won’t forget is your face- I’m good with faces. 
  4. Finishing people’s sentences: My little sister and I finish each others sentences, we do it so often that I’ve gotten used to it that I’m now doing it to other people, and I must admit it’s very annoying.

    What are your worst habits?

    Kisses, Maria


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