Day 10- Best trip of your life

A year ago I went to South Africa over the December holidays, I stayed with my brother and his family in Joburg. 

On weekdays my little sister and I would go on little ‘quests’ to discover new places, it was on this ‘quests’ that we almost got lost in a foreign place, we took a train from Sandton wanting to go Rosebank, but we took the wrong train and ended up in Marlboro instead, now the problem was we didn’t have enough train fare on our cards, which meant we might not be able to get to the station. Luckily when we got to Marlboro we didn’t have to pay for the train back to Rosebank. In the end everything worked out.

On my birthday my brother took us to Pretoria for sightseeing, I got the chance to enter the cell where Nelson Mandela was kept before going to Robbin Island, and the court where he was prosecuted, even sat on the judge’s chair 😝.

The last adventure to end the trip was when we went to the amusement park, Gold Reef City, we got on our the first ride, it being the Anaconda, we got on five rides even after we swore not to go on any more rides, we couldn’t resist the thrill.

What’s your best trip? Let me know in the comments.

Kisses, Maria


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