Day 9- What’s in your bag/wallet?

Hey Guys,

This was suppose to be yesterday’s post, but I’ll do it today instead. Forgive me for that.

May I just point out that my bag is not always a sight to look at, sometimes you’ll find panty liners, hundred sweets and crumbs from whatever I was eating (story for another day).  Today I’ll show you the contents I never leave behind, whether my bag is clean or untidy ( I’ve made it a habit to always try and clean out the inners the moment before I leave the house).


This is my go to bag at the moment. I got it from my little sister last year. I do exchange it out sometimes, though it will always come first- until I get tired of it. I love this bag as it’s so spacious and you can fit in almost anything.​​


I got this purse three years ago and I still love it.It’s so huge, and that’s where I keep my credit cards, pictures and papers with jotted notes, coins, earrings and my huge collection of rings.

Passport and Pen:

I always keep my passport with me in case I need it for identification, and I always make sure to carry my own pen-it always comes in handy.

Keys and Phone:

You won’t see the phone in the pictures as it’s what I used to take the photographs. And yes, I need them, always.

Sunglasses and Watch:

I’ve had the watch longer than the sunglasses, I carry them just in case I need them.

Avon mascara and Avon hand Lotion:

For touch-ups and when my hands seem dry.

Britney Spears’s Fantasy:

It may have launched over a decade ago, before I even knew what perfume was, but this is still one of the best perfumes I’ve ever used. With its fruity scent always keeping me fresh.

Phone Cable:

Came with the phone, love it, always need it.

Hope you enjoy this post.

Kisses, Maria


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