Day 3- Your favourite Quote

​Hey Guys,

My favourite quote is by Rumi ‘What you seek is seeking you‘. I love to believe that this is true for most areas in my life. I love to read it on days when I feel less motivated, just to remind myself that my dreams and goals are important and I’ll reach them as they too are seeking me.

What’s your favourite quote?

Kisses, Maria


3 thoughts on “Day 3- Your favourite Quote

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  1. Hello. How you doin? I just want to let you know that you have a great thing going on here, your posts are very inspirational and I feel very proud that I am a part of this community, I get to see and read thoughts from people, their experiences, their own version of the world. I am looking to reading more of your posts. I just got back from a two months writing hiatus and I’ve never felt better. I will follow your blog and I hope you can follow me back. Thank you! Have fun writing! 🙂

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    1. Hi Ragazza, you have no idea how great that makes me feel. Thank you for loving my posts and I hope you’ll love those that follows. And yes I will follow your blog.

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