Wear clothes you’re comfortable in.

At a point we all have committed fashion  suicide (some more than others) and we don’t wanna get caught repeating the same mistake again. The first thing we need to have in mind is always try to wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel confident in. Now remember being comfortable is not having any worries that your clothes are gonna rip off any minute or worried that you’re revealing too much, and being confident in your clothes is when you’re not self-conscious and feeling like you definitely got the memo.  

Here are 3 simple steps to find the right clothes.

1. Know your body.

What most people don’t know or what they don’t pay attention to is how to dress their bodies. To really compliment your body, you have to find out what body shape you are slim body type or pear shaped,  you want to dress and how you’d want the world to identify you. Your style contributes to your identity, it’s part of who you are.

2. Don’t buy fashion, buy your style.

There’s a saying that money can’t buy style, but the truth is money CAN buy style. Now that you know your body shape and have figured out your style, go shopping and go crazy, but remember, just because crop tops and high waist jeans are the in thing now, doesn’t mean that’ts what you have to go for, it might not suit you and you might end up embarrassing yourself.

Buy clothes that you really love, you don’t always have to fit in (be your own inspiration). If jeans and t-shirts do it for you, go for that.

3. Start a trend (just as Anna Wintour Said)

Hope you enjoy this post and be inspired by it.

Kisses, Maria


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