Why me?

Many of us have gone through so much that at a point we thought we’ll never get through it. We have cried, shut people out, considered suicide, and questioned God. The latter is our favourite, “why me?” “why now?” “what did I do to deserve this?” “Why have you forsaken me, Lord?”

Yesterday I read a story of a couple who had their twins ( a boy and a girl) 4 months earlier, these babies could fit in the palm of their father’s hands. At a point while in hospital they almost lost their son, the doctors gave him CPR using a thumb. Through all this, the couple never gave up hope, they prayed, not once did they question God, instead they praised the Lord for blessing them with two babies, and today their babies are 11 months, healthy and joyful.

 This story made me realise that God has not given up on us and He never did, truth is we gave up on Him. We stopped believing and having faith in Him. Let’s stop asking the “whys” and throwing pity parties for ourselves. Pray for your faith to be restored, be joyful and content with what you have.

Today, I tell you, you are not the only one with hardships always remember someone else is in a much difficult situation and just as they can get through it, so can you. When all hope seems lost go to Him, because with Him you are never alone.

Believe, Pray, Pray and Believe!!!

Kisses, Maria


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