I was dreading this day so so much. The past few days I've found myself sighing in disbelief, I cannot believe a whole year has passed and I'm turning a year older. It's crazy how time flies by! Birthdays are a blessing, I know I should be grateful and I am grateful, I'm just not... Continue Reading →


Lighting a scented candle, listening to music, taking a hot bath and watching your favourite show while sipping a glass of red wine (or white) are all ways considered of getting over a bad mood. Which are all great really, but why not try something new? I spend most of my time indoors. I'd rather... Continue Reading →

WOW. Its been a while since I did any interior post. I've been spending so much time on the internet, online shopping to be exact. Filling up baskets with things I know very well I cannot afford, from clothes, shoes to furniture. When I stopped dreaming I decided to go on Pinterest and find decor... Continue Reading →

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