5 Things I’m Terrible At.

When I was younger, there were a lot of things I wanted. Things to have and do. I thought I would be so perfect at everything, stupid young me had no idea that growing up is not fun and grown ups don't know and aren't perfectionist at everything. The other day I was watching TV… Continue reading 5 Things I’m Terrible At.


Why I’m Afraid of Expressing My Opinions in RL+Online.

Generally, we as human beings are very opinionated. Some more than others, but we all have our own opinions. I'd say I'm an opinionated person and I'm usually vocal, but I recently became very scared to express my opinions in real life and online. I'm one of those people whose opinions are just never well… Continue reading Why I’m Afraid of Expressing My Opinions in RL+Online.


5 Months Without Blogging.

It's been exactly 5months since I posted anything on the blog. 5 whole months. Here we are, get comfortable and keep reading. Why was I gone for so long ( you ask)? Beginning of the year I hit such a low point in my life. That point brought on writers block, self-pitying, self-critism and a… Continue reading 5 Months Without Blogging.


Heaven in A Cup.

The one thing I love about winter is that you can sit in a sofa covered in your favourite fluffy blanket with a cup of your favourite drink and snack, binge watching your favourite show and nobody will judge you because it's winter and you have the right to be in one position to keep… Continue reading Heaven in A Cup.

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Happy Late Late New Year

My attention seeking babies. Hello lovelies, This is my first post of 2018 and I cannot believe we are already in the last week of January. I just came back from home at the Village where getting a bar of network is a struggle. So, I've been off line since the dark days of December,… Continue reading Happy Late Late New Year


Another Year Older

I was dreading this day so so much. The past few days I've found myself sighing in disbelief, I cannot believe a whole year has passed and I'm turning a year older. It's crazy how time flies by! Birthdays are a blessing, I know I should be grateful and I am grateful, I'm just not… Continue reading Another Year Older


Getting out of the House

Lighting a scented candle, listening to music, taking a hot bath and watching your favourite show while sipping a glass of red wine (or white) are all ways considered of getting over a bad mood. Which are all great really, but why not try something new? I spend most of my time indoors. I'd rather… Continue reading Getting out of the House